ConnexAeon moves data.

Data drives your business.  ConnexAeon drives data.

We make it easy to move your data online so its everywhere you need it to be.

Constantly Evolving Middleware

ConnexAeon is middleware that lets your business productivity software talk to a website database, pushing the content up to the web and providing a clean and easy interface for your staff. In this example, it’s working with FlowAeon. We can make it talk to whatever system you are using.

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Many Industries, One Solution

Flow Aeon is a complete platform for multiple industries. Flow Aeon provides clear and reliable data with fast access and unprecedented visibility. Connecting all your departments with data – all across the board – from making quotes, taking orders, shipping, invoicing – and more. Open a quote, and convert it to an order in moments. Manage customer information. Primary data entry point of customer data ensures a smooth flow of information through your process.

We’ve been developing a version of our application that allows you to manage WordPress sites. Develop with Divi? We’ve got you covered. Develop with other drag and drop builders? We can tackle those too. Our case study outlines how we built a 120-page website with ConnexAeon for Divi in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.** the content must be organized for this process to work.

ConnexAeon works with many Full stack solutions.  Call us today for a quote.

Same Height Control

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